About us

Sandy - Owner and Head Mechanic

Sandy is an automotive engineer and has been specializing in Vespa’s and Lambretta’s and modern scooters for over 27 years. Every part of Sandy’s workmanship and customer service reflects his exceptional and extraordinary passion and dedication.

He puts all his love and skill into your scooter, as he would with his own.
He is one of Australia’s highest decorated scooter mechanics.
Currently Sandy has in his stable of classic scooters some of the rarest and finest scooters,
including a genuine Vespa SS90, Vespa SS180,
Vespa GS160 MK2 that he has ridden across Australia,
a custom Faro Basso.
Lambretta TV200 and Vega 75. and not forgetting his beloved Vespa Sprint fitted with Nitros.

Sandy is active member of the Australian scooter scene and has just become the president of the Lambretta Club of Australia. He is a zealous enthusiast who lives and breathes to produce fast, reliable and meticulously restored scooters.

James Griagal - Workshop manager

James Griagal, the workshop manager, is also a specialist mechanic with over 30 years in the Scootering community. James, following from Sandy also has a stable of scooters from Vintage and modern Lambretta and Vespas

Both are available to meet your needs to the highest and exceptional standards of skill and knowledge, and offer an empathetic understanding of the customers connection to their scooter.


Scooter Meccanica is Sydney’s premier and highly decorated Vespa and Lambretta specialist.
We are members of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers of Australia, and we pride ourselves in Specialisong In Italian Marques of Scooters including all classic 2 stroke vintage Vespas and Lambretta’s; from the mew Lambretta 4 stroke, the LML 2 stokes 150cc and the enduring PX200, all the way back to the earliest of shaft driven Lambretta’s and Low-Light Vespa’s.

At Scooter meccanica Primarily follow the factory service schedules set out in your owners log-book manual. These schedules allow you to ride your scooter with confidence, knowing that all the critical concerns are monitored regularly by our experienced technicians.

We only use genuine spare parts and the highest quality aftermarket parts sourced from Germany and Italy.
Services are generally completed same day (unless parts required that are not in stock or major repair).
Drop off your scooter from 9:00am (Mon to Fri) – pick up by 5:00pm
All scooters require regular servicing in order to maintain warranty requirements.
Scooter Meccanica suggests you consult us directly to discuss your servicing schedule as all brands & models have different requirements.
Servicing charges range from $150 – $399 depending on model & brand (Charges may vary from above if additional work required. Customers will be consulted.