VNB Street sleeper

Every year, Sandy puts aside some time, money and energy to build a personal project. After acquiring a very original and straight VNB frame he decided to create a powerful scooter inspired by the early 1945 MP6. His objective was to create a full bodied street racer but with all the elegance and subtlety of the early Vespas. The National Classic Scooter Rally in the Barossa Valley was the right motivation to get her completed on time (and on budget). With a PX 125 engine in hand, Sandy welded up the transfers on the casing to accommodate the 7-port Quatrinni 172 kit and blueprinted the casings to optimize the estimated 24.3 horsepower upgrade. The casing was also welded on the intake to fit the large reed- block and carb. Topped off with a modi‐ fied Grimeca disc kit, a modified PK front fork and Bitubo front and rear suspension, this scooter now has the speed, handling and stopping power to create the perfect street ‘sleeper’.