Lambretta TV175

“I got a scooter in the mail!” Shouts a cus‐ tomer with joy when he popped into my workshop just over year ago. “And you’ve got the job to restore it!” Being a collector of Lambretta scooters, he just needed this one particular scooter to make up a set. He already had a Lam‐ bretta TV175 Series I that I built for him which had subsequently won numerous awards including the Best Scooter at the National Classic Scooter Rally in Perth (see the restoration here for full details), an original and unrestored Series II TV175 and a very rare TV200. But he was miss‐ ing a Lambretta TV175 Series III to make up the complete TV range. The customer had bought some originalused Lambretta parts from Luis Martinez of Classic Bikes in Uruguay in the past, so he sent an email on the off chance he had a whole TV175 Series III. The Inno‐ centi factory in Milan used to export a lot of Lambretta TV175s to Uruguay in early 1960s as it was a very popular model in South America at the time. Sure enough Luis did have a 1962 TV175 Series III but it was very rough, it was missing quite a few parts and as such, needed a com‐ plete restoration. But the biggest problem was that the law prohibits the export of old scooters out of Uruguay. Luis’ way around this problem was to completely dismantle the scooter, put all the parts into five large cardboard boxes and post them to Sydney using the nor‐ mal postal system and describing them a ‘’Used Scooter Parts”. Sure enough the whole scooter arrived piecemeal through the postal system. The customer lives at the bottom of a steep driveway and the poor postie lady was not happy when a few weeks later, during the Christmas postal rush, she had to car‐ ry a scooter frame, an engine, a set of forks etc. up the long driveway. We at S.S.Scooter are hoping that one day Santa will send us a Lambretta in the post for Christmas too, maybe even a Factory Racing Lambretta C!