1968 Lambretta Vega 75

Sandy has always had a soft spot for the quirky 1960’s design of the Vega. So after finding a Vega 75S on the outskirts of Sydney he decided it had to be his next project. The old man had owned it from new and in the 70’s he decided to revamp her with a can of bright yellow house paint and a brush. Unfortunately he never got her re-cabled and she was never started again. The inch thick leaded house paint however did serve to protect her from the harsh Aussie elements. She was taken back to bare metal and resprayed, cabled and and rewired. Sadly during her ‘first bright yellow revamp’ the indicator switch and front indicators went missing, but she still retains the additional rear indicators fitted to Australian imported Vegas. The Vega S engine has also been fully rebuilt with NOS parts that Sandy had been collecting over the years. She now runs and rides like a dream Vega.