1963 Vespa

This scooter was originally used on Gar‐ den Island Naval Base Sydney. With its top speed of 30 MPH and with 2.6 HP this scooter was only every meant to pop back and forth from the engineering workshops or to Harry Café de Wheels in their lunchbreak. The new owner wanted more than just to lifestyle it on a cafe rac‐ er. So he decided to shoe-horn in a gen‐ uine race-spec engine, modern suspen‐ sion and braking of a modern street ma‐ chine, without loosing the classic Italian lines. The humble 50 cc engine was weld‐ ed and machined to an inch of its life. Ro‐ tary induction had now become a thing of the past and a massive inlet was ma‐ chined for the reed manifold. All topped off with a massive Dell’Orto carburettor. The drive ratios were modified to suit the estimated output of the engine and a Zirri short 4th was installed. SSScooter ported a 130 cc Malossi Kit and a VSP race ex‐ haust finished off the package. A front full hydraulic disc brake was installed to the original front fork and a pair of Bitubos make sure the scooter stays on the tar‐ mac until at least 1⁄4 throttle is reached, when the front wheel lifts off the ground! She now rides kind-of like a cannon ball… I suppose its something to do with her naval past!